Twitter has apparently shadow-banned user @PaveDarker, for reporting criminals involved in the UC Berkeley riots earlier this month - why? One of the rioters, a member of Antifaa ("Anti-Fascist"), was actually a staff member of the UC Berkeley administration. Pave Darker was the one who initially found the connection and tweeted about it, and according to the many images and evidence we have collected here, as well as our interview with Pave Darker, it seems Twitter is shadowbanning him - users no longer receive notifications about his actions, and his tweets cannot be found on search by most users (including our company twitter account, @HardFastMedia.)

The rabbit hole goes deeper, with his interactions with others being limited, and users not receiving notifications of his actions:

 There's a problem in the latest screenshot, of the hashtag #pavedarkertesthashtag1 - @PaveDarker has been using the hashtag as well, but does not appear in any search of the hashtag itself.

Here, he tells us that he is receiving limited notifications from Twitter:

When asked if he had done anything offensive or especially egregious against the Twitter terms of service, he replied that he had, if anything, been acting on his best behavior recently:

A screenshot showing endorsement from @TheGatorGamer bringing awareness to this shadowban, which was due to Pave Darker assisting the FBI in their investigation of the Berkeley riots:

A screenshot of Pave Darker's page, showing that his own tweets are not showing up - only retweets (though apparently retweeting his own tweet gets around the shadowban):

At the end of the day, this indicates that Twitter is supporting riots against Milo Yiannopoulos and perceived "right-wing" speakers, by punishing those who assist in reporting and finding those responsible for the reprehensible behavior seen on UC Berkeley's campus last week. This isn't even the first time they've done this! Other users have experienced similar problems with Twitter when reporting incidents related to the riots.

Be careful, people, Twitter has allied itself with Antifa and will try to silence those who speak out and report the violence.

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    1. Thanks David! We are more than happy to be of use to the public and support freedom of speech.

  2. Let's #SueTwitter For Discrimination, Censorship, & Antitrust Violations

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