Milo Yiannopoulos Resigns From Breitbart

In what is essentially the end of an era for internet media, Breitbart News' prominent former senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned from the corporation amid allegations of being an apologist for child rape.
So what exactly happened to the great Milo Yiannopoulos, which led to his precipitous fall from grace? It wasn't his silly comments about the USA being a "Christian" nation, which we have covered on this website. No, it was something much more personal and demonizing which the left have used for their latest attacks.

According to Milo's own admission, at the age of 13 he was sexually assaulted by a Catholic priest - who he refuses to name at this time - and has been condemned for a video in which he said that "boys" learn a lot by being in a relationship with an older man. Yiannopoulos clarified this statement, by saying that he meant "young adult men" rather than "children", in a New York press conference. Yiannopoulos himself also stated he was in a relationship in his late teens with a 29 year old man, and did not find this problematic due to the age of consent in the United Kingdom (16, as opposed to the 18 mark set by the United States).

In truly dastardly fashion, the left-leaning media has decided to use these statements to accuse Milo Yiannopoulos of being a "rape apologist" or condoning pedophilia, a sentiment which Milo vehemently denies.

You can't retract it now, New York Times.

What is more troubling is the possibility that an anti-Trump and openly racist group, the Reagan Battalion, may be behind this controversy - kudos to the research done by the Daily Caller in this case - and even stranger, this post from 4Chan on Sunday that talks about the news before it was even published, with some interesting remarks:

4Chan has become an interesting place...

The New York Times has also published a piece that insists Milo is a tinier, younger, sexier version of Donald Trump, and the author even says he "wondered — no, shuddered — at a kind of worldview that may well be in ascendance, thanks to its validation by our president . . . "

Let the "literally shaking" comments begin!

All this to demonize Milo, even after the WSJ-led demonization of Felix Kjellberg that, for the most part blew up in the MSM's face. Many YouTube stars have leapt to Felix's, better known as PewDiePie on YouTube, defense while their viewership has continued to decline rather dramatically since January.

It's important to realize that Milo says some stupid things which many people disagree with (including us - look at our article discussing Milo's infatuation with Christianity), but he also speaks on several ideas and refutations of certain ideas which are spot-on. He dismantles identity politics regularly; he criticizes many movements fairly and accurately (such as the Black Lives Matter movement) while also showing evidence to refute claims that "Milo is a racist." He also speaks of the importance of the First Amendment and refutes many arguments from left-leaning speakers and protesters on a regular basis. This doesn't make him perfect or incapable of making error, and it certainly doesn't mean that every idea he has is correct, but he is far from an incompetent or erroneous speaker. He is a controversial one, and he speaks his mind in ways that many in "polite society" deem inappropriate, but this does not mean he is incorrect; it means only that he is using his own distinctive voice to make his arguments, rather than the sterile corporate voice to which people are accustomed.

What else has happened as a result of this controversy, besides Milo resigning from Breitbart in an attempt to spare the company the damage from this scandal? They have also cancelled his book which was being published by Simon & Schuster, which was a book deal allegedly worth a quarter of a million dollars to the political pundit. It might still be available online, but the financial ramifications for this are certainly going to be felt by the internet's favorite supervillain.

Milo has also, if one reads a bit into his Facebook page, suffered a bit of an emotional drain from the situation - which is absolutely to be expected from such charges as "supporting pedophilia" when one was themselves a victim of such a horrible crime.

HardFast Media sides with Milo in this manufactured controversy, and hopes he recovers emotionally from this ordeal. We also wish that in the future he phrases his speech more carefully when dealing with such an incredibly sensitive, personal and volatile issue.


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