HardFast Media Contacts FBI

Nobody publicly knew of this ahead of time, but HardFast Media filed an Electronic Freedom Of Information Act (EFOIA) request with the FBI many months ago regarding Trump's allegations of wiretapping from President Obama during the election.

I received information over a month ago stating that the FBI had approved our expedited request with the process, under one of their specified clauses which I applied for, stating "an urgency to inform the public about an actual or alleged federal government activity."

This means that any day now we should have a decent chunk of information from the FBI regarding these allegations, whatever information or searching they HAVE done - and we will be analyzing this information and sharing what we learn with the public as is our duty.

Rest assured however, even a tiny outlet such as ourselves, who make no money doing what we do, we still wish to serve the public in some capacity. We don't write just to read our own material. We write for the reader, to teach them our ideas, our points of view, and help engage them.

In this day and age, fake news abounds. We strive not to provide fake news or false narratives.

To that end it is important to note that HardFast Media is not a news organization. We are too small for that. We don't have reporters, we don't have video editing skills to speak of, we have only a basic recording studio, and most of the people involved have day jobs. We don't make money off of anything we do because we have a small, but dedicated audience. We don't need to, though, because writing, and knowing that there are people out there reading it in some small number, is enough for us to enjoy writing.

Journalism is something important to everybody involved at HardFast Media. Even though we don't have the time or resources to report on live events, and even though we rarely have had time to report on unfolding news events even in our own words from research on the internet, we do value it, which is why we've moved forward with this EFOIA request to expose either corruption in former President Obama's administration near the end of his last term, or expose the lunacy behind President Trump's allegations.

The ACLU, by the way, has filed a similar EFOIA with the FBI, but their topic was the firing of former FBI Director Comey in relation to the Russia scandals in Trump's administration.

Journalism still exists, whether in groups you wouldn't expect, like the ACLU or even in small, niche outlets like ours.

We'll let you know more when we get our files from the FBI, which should happen relatively soon.


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