HardFast Media Gets Response From FBI

Earlier in this week we published an article discussing the fact that although HardFast Media isn't capable of producing the amount of content that large news organizations are, we still try to pursue journalism where possible - such as with our article examining the motives of ISIS - because many issues require research that the public cannot afford to spend time doing. This week we have a response from the FBI regarding our Freedom of Information Act request, and we intend to share it with the world.

The FBI's response to our request into Trump's claim that Obama wiretapped his campaign did not produce the response we desired - they refused to confirm nor deny that such an investigation is taking place.

However even this response gives us some information.

They listed a number of reasons why the request was not answered, indicating that something is going on, and the document can be found here.

You see, the first section listing the reasons why they cannot confirm nor deny the existence of records related to Trump's wiretapping claims, is titled under the US Code Title 5 Section 552, subsection (b)(1) through (b)(9) - the entirety of subsection (b) (if we're using the word "subsection" correctly). Many of these reasons have nothing to do with one another and presumably don't apply to these records. For example, (b)(9) states that there are exceptions to the Freedom of Information Act if they are related to
. . . geological and geophysical information and data, including maps, concerning wells.

 That clearly doesn't apply to our request. So clearly, this copy-pasted letter includes every possible exception they can think of, that way we don't know exactly what excuse is being used - another way of protecting their interests. We won't even know why they cannot confirm nor deny the existence of these records, is the hope.

In the interest of not spreading misinformation, we will not state what the likely exception which they are actually using to refuse giving us information, as that would be speculation at best. What we can do however is assume that some sort of investigation or research is being done on this issue and since it pertains to a US Presidential Election which has also been the subject of possible tampering from foreign entities, this investigation, and any others like it, are being held secret to all who don't explicitly need to know about the details. This too, is an assumption, and speculation, but that's the only real option we're left with here.

Sadly, we don't have a straight answer from the FBI.


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