Who are we?

We here at HardFast Media, are almost all amateur philosophers or historians. This website started with the simple idea of posing questions and writing about research done into the historical roots of religion and religious ideas - but it has grown beyond that. Topics we cover, or are planning to cover, are:

  • Contemporary political discourse, and critiques thereof
  • Philosophy, encompassing rationalism, epistemology, formal logical systems, and other areas of thinking
  • Religions, religious claims, and critiques thereof
  • History as it pertains to human development, with a slight focus on religious history.

Who are the writers? Currently, there is only the administrator, but multiple other writers are in the process of joining HardFast Media, and will be listed here as they contribute.

Brendan Galvin - Owner and administrator of HardFast Media and associated social media accounts. A former software developer and current IT professional, his areas of interest include epistemology, philosophical discussions surrounding religion and the nature of reality, religious history, debate, and discussions about ethics, as well as contemporary politics. He is the principle contributor for HardFast Media.

Collin Shull, left, posing with a friend
in the Colombian Army, during one of
his visits to the nation.
Collin Shull - A writer, contributor and editor for HardFast Media, Collin is a linguist, holding a BA in Linguistics from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. His passion for history and intellectual pursuits, and knowledge of foreign cultures, make him a valuable resource and friend of HardFast Media. His first written piece for the website was on Gobekli Tepe, and you can read it here.

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  1. Very good work, guys! Keep it up! At least you have one person who you can say is reading and listening :)


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